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We offer some of the best family holidays around the world, so whether your family is into adventure, sports, entertainment, relaxation, or all of the above, our family holiday destinations offer it all in one hassle-free package. Children and teens will be loving it all, with professionally-run activities tailor-made for children of any age, and spa activities for the adults when it’s time to relax. Treat your family to an amazing holiday which will have the whole family smiling.

Happy kids' Equal happy parents

Kids Clubs for every age

Your children will be enjoying an array of possibilities, from yoga to mini cooking classes. At Club Med we offer Kids Clubs for children aged 4 months to 17 years, from 9:00am – 5:30pm and again in the evenings. Let your kids meet children from all over the world while experimenting new sports and so much more!

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Club Med amazing families activities!

Time to splash

Let's have some water fun!

Experience true family entertainment with playing water games!

At Club Med, we have decided to offer water sports and activities such as slides, giant balls, volleyball nets or underwater arches and rings as an opportunity for you and your family to reconnect, without any competition involved. Make your kids try out new water sports with you, would they be classical or more innovative!

Time to play

Let’s enjoy childhood games together!

Rediscover how great it feels to play as a family, completely disconnected from your digital devices!

We created for you a unique playful family experience with a complicity & sharing mindset. Wake up all your senses and come playing with your loved ones choosing among mixed types of games such as logics, skills, precision & fun games!


Let’s solve the mystery in family!

Club med is the place where creating family fun is the priority.

Imagine a life-size escape game where the whole resort gathers around a meaningful & unique weekly event! Families will discover a surprising event to be shared with other families as an amazing moment, making everlasting vacation memories.

Please be advised that this activity is not available in all of our resorts.

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