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From the creation of the all-inclusive model in the post war era, through to an upscaling overhaul at the turn of the century to become a luxury to be enjoyed together, we are again innovating the holiday experience through the creation of the
brand new concept of Zenventure. The luxurious holiday concept embodies the combination of adventure and relaxation, mindfulness, culinary enjoyment, design and luxury, while staying true to our ethos and historical roots. Welcome to your Zenventure holiday.

Discover Zenventure

People's needs and their ideas of what makes a holiday enjoyable have changed, especially over the course of the last year. Many have been deprived of the opportunity to escape their fast-paced lives and carve out experiences, making them rethink how they travel and what they want from their holiday. Our guide offers insights into these changes and how we created Zenventure to answer them.

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The perfect balance

Zen and Adventure

Relaxation and Mindfulness

Providing moments of relaxation and a calming environment to unwind has never been so important. Holidays have always provided people with a sense of escapism from their day-to-day life. Now more than ever people are seeking to 'switch off' and transport themselves into a paradise and the Zenventure holiday they have been dreaming of. From meditation in a tree-top palapa through to family beach yoga, Zenventure provides the perfect activities for those who want to reconnect their mind and soul in stunning and natural open-air surroundings.

Our Must-Try zen activities in Zenventure resorts:

  • Mindful yoga hike
  • Vibhava Yoga
  • Zen Pool
  • Spa by Cinq Mondes®

Our first Zenventure resort - Club Med Seychelles

NEW 5-Trident Exclusive Collection Resort

Club Med Seychelles

The private island of Sainte Anne is home to a single and unique Zenventure resort, Club Med Seychelles. The island is also home to the Sainte Anne Marine National Park offering endless possibilities of adventures and zen for the whole family, as adults and children awaken their inner explorer with our Zenventure offering. Enjoy a holiday that is in total harmony with nature and where many of the activities are directly connected to the Indian Ocean and its sublimely beautiful scenery. Trekking, free diving, yoga for parents and children and glass-bottomed kayaks are just some of the pleasures that can be shared, all designed to promote well-being and induce happiness in every member of the family. With turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, hills covered in lush vegetation... paradise doesn't seem very far away here!

Club Med Seychelles

Club Med Seychelles at a glance

§ Located on Sainte Anne private island
§ 3km from Mahé and 30min from Victoria Seychelles Airport
§ Room types: Superior/ Deluxe/ Suite
§ Room types: Superior/ Deluxe/ Suite
§ Restaurants: 2 with international and local food
§ Bars: 3 including one on the beach
§ Pools: 3 outdoors (main, family, zen pool)
§ Adults-only Zen zone area
§ Spa by CINQ MONDES with a private pool

Club Med Seychelles Highlights

§ Brand new eco-certified Resort committed to preserving nature and the treasures of the Seychelles.
§ The luxury and tranquility of a private island in an Exclusive Collection Resort
§ A great land of exploration and adventure for the whole family.
§ Live a holistic experience where the quest for well-being is in harmony with the ocean and nature.

What’s Included

§ Cuisine: Breakfast, lunch & Dinner
§ Drinks: Open bar
§ Sports: Yoga, paddle, snorkeling, sailing and more
§ Must-try: Hiking yoga and cookery workshops with the kids
§ Kids Clubs: From 4 to 17 years
§ Entertainment: Day & night entertainment